Own Developement vs. Deogracia



Developing your own Software vs. Deogracia

Province Management systems are unique in many ways. Unlike generic software systems where the user has to adapt, a Province cannot change their systems and the software should be able to handle all existing procedures and tasks as it is. So developing own software requires accurate and detailed system requirement study and investment to develop the entire system from the word go. That would require expertise to handle complex procedures and a lot of time and money as well

Requirements:Province systems and procedures are complex. The challenge is to understand all the requirements of this complex system before developing software that meets everyone’s requirements. Deogracia is a unified system with automatic data integration between Province, members and Commnities. It has multiple options for easy and quick member registrations. In the past, software was developed with basic features hoping new features can be added later. Once Parishes, Families and others actually start using the software, new requirements starts coming is and it keep coming in which requires more complex coding. It is at this point the developers back out as either they don’t have the expertise, or the software architecture can’t handle the new requirements or the additional cost.

Maintenance: Online Software is accessed on different devices, operating systems and environment. So even after developing own software, a Province has to retain at least one technical resource to maintain it and also ensure continuity of this technical resource.

Consultations: Deogracia is developed with wider consultations undertaken with Provincials, Province Administrators, Superiors and Members to ensure the software addresses everyone’s concerns and benefits everyone.

Advantages of Deogracia over developing own software:
1. Deogracia is fully developed and it is ready to use. No waiting with uncertainties
2. Development and maintenance cost is shared among all Provinces. So you pay a fraction of it
3. Deogracia is implemented under the name and identity of each Province, just like own software
4. Software maintenance and continuity is assured as the resources are shared by all participating dioceses
5. Deogracia is implemented for each Province without any inter-connectivity with any other Province.
6. Like own software, Deogracia is managed and controlled by each Province with administration control
7. Each Province can backup their software source code as well as database within the Province
8. Deogracia is customizable to the specific requirement of each Province
9. Deogracia is cloud based. The software is centrally installed and maintained by each Province. There is no need to install and maintain the software at each House.