Software and Mobile App

Mobile App - Members can login to their Mobile App using the same User ID and Password of their Web Login panel. They can access news Bulletins, Obituary Announcements, Liturgical Calendar, Province Calendar, Provincial Programmes, List of all member with the ability to directly make calls, send SMS and Email from the App with a single touch. The app alerts Birthdays, Feast and Death Anniversary. It also list province functionaries along with their contact details and a module called Help and Advice

Unified Province Management - This software helps province to implement and manage unified systems and reporting across all Houses and Institutions.

Automatic data integration with Province - The application is carefully built in such a way that it will integrate all required information and data with the Province automatically. This is a unique feature available only with Deogracia

Groups - Create internal groups, commissions, councils and committees. Easily assign members to each group.

E-mail and SMS - Both Province and House login has built in Email SMS system to send quick communication. The Email system is integrated with your existing Email account and it saves copy of all outgoing emails in the Sent Item folder. The system work with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other popular email systems

Digital Record Archive - Scan and preserve age old records safely and access them using the search and find tool. While each house manages its own records, Province can view every records.

Member Records - Manage present and deceased member records in digital format with personal records, dates, qualifications, knowledge repository, institutions & parishes worked, designations held and period of each assignment. Communicate via E-mail and SMS, handle postings and transfers and update priest record automatically. When transfers are initiated, province member records, member's own record get updated automatically. The system also update records of present and former members worked in each house or institution. In a single click, you get know the houses and institutions a member has worked with designations held and period of assignment.

Financial Reporting - A uniform and centralized accounting system help province to receive information report directly. It also enables centralised auditing to reduce costs and ensure timely filing of Tax Returns. Both Houses and Province can get real-time financial information for better planning and utilization of their resources. The accounting system is integrated with Tally for Audit purpose

Integrated Province Calendar - The calendar integrated all the programmes and tasks spread across the year. At any given time, the calendar record 5 years of events

Remembrances - The system automatically creates a remembrance list of Birthdays, Feast Days and Death anniversaries of members in the province and list them month wise, automatically

Logins - There are separate logins for Provincial, Province Departments, Superiors, Institutions and members. Each of them can handle their assignments through the system seamlessly

Mass Diary - Men congregations have a full fledged mass Diary and mass distribution management system

Directory - Province Directory is generated and maintained automatically and the same is made available to all members through their mobile app and login panel

Religious Formation - The module handles formation chart of all candidates along with details and payment commitment of their benefactors

Opinion Poll - Province can initiate opinion polls for seeking opinions from members. Each member get to chose and option and province know the results and choice of members

Provincial Programme Diary - Provincial and Secretary can manage the Diary. Provincial can manage programmes directly from the mobile app as well

Online Applications and Approvals - Members, Houses and Institutions can submit various application for approval and can tack its progress online

News Bulletin - Province can publish news bulletins to all members through the Mobile App

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