Deogracia Province Management System

Unified Province Management System

Technology is here to stay and we can't live without it. It has changed the way we communicate and live. The advantages and conveniences of online services are so much that every applications and services are migrating to online platform. It is a matter of time we all will operate and communicate in virtual world. Conventional communication methods have become redundant and ignored.

The objective - Make a common system with flexibility to customize and present it with the unique identity of each congregation. Make its management and control independent to each province. Provide centralised implementation, maintenance and support

Low bandwidth operation - The application is designed to operate with 256 Kbps (Lowest) internet speed as well as 2G mobile data card wherever mobile connectivity is available

Anywhere, Any device access - The software is operation from PC, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablets. You can logon to your system from anywhere on any internet connected device using your secure login and password.

Importance of Technology - The system requires single point data entry and it percolates to other areas as required. This eliminates the need to enter the same data multiple times and simplify day to day administrative tasks

Benefits of Technology - Technology helps you recompile your legacy and showcase it in a shape and format accessible to present and for future generations. Having access to technology, the present generation should accept it as a responsibility than a challenge

Decision Making - As always, when a decision goes wrong, the blame falls on the top leadership. An easy way to negotiate this is to assign a member so that we can provide training on the software. Alternatively, understand from a Province that have gone through the entire exercise and implemented the system successfully

Online concerns - Online is not a choice, but a need of the day. In reality, it is more secure and economical than manual and offline systems. This is proven in case of all institutions and establishments already migrated to online systems

The requirement - It should meet end-to-end requirements. All features of the system and particularly the Mobile App may not be an immediate requirement today. Therefore, begin with a complete system so that you don’t fall short when you may actually need it

Cost - There is a cost for everything. But with a common system like this, a province just pay shared cost of software, support and maintenance

Security - High level of physical as well as access security similar to online banking systems. There are several security measures built into the system to make it safe and secure for online operations.

Server Control - Each Province will be hosted on a separate, independent server with dedicated server controls. The server would be entirely controlled by the Province Admin and the Province can designate one or more personnel to control it. It also has a feature to reset the server control and sent it to the Provincial

Upgrades and Updates - Online applications are hosted on Cloud platform to ensure hardware, software and device compatibility forever. Your application keeps running without affecting the numerous changes happening to the technology

Disaster Protection, Backup and recovery - Automatic data backup is built in. This gives protection from Fire, theft, natural disasters, war and bombing. The system provides power backup and disaster recovery tools and expert level system management without your intervention to keep pace with the technological changes from time to time

Assisted Migration and data entry - If you already have a similar system and would like to migrate to Deogracia, our experts will handle the migration for you. The team would supervise implementation across the Diocese, including document archival.

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    Since the programme is already developed, new provices escape the developement cost other than upgrades and support