Customer Support

Never hesitate to contact us. We are at your service

We have a round the clock support system to assist you and provide clarifications to any query you may have.

We do realise it is a bit of learning for first time users of our software. However, every care is taken to make it simple to use, particularly keeping in view our respected senior priests

If you want one of our executive to work on your system directly, we can provide the same through remote desktop access. Please speak to our executive

The best way of taking support is via our online chat service. Online chat service allow time for both the user and support executive to handle support through interaction and ensure your job is done before leaving the chat room

24x7 server management and end user support

Email - Worldwide : Support | Email: Sales | Email: Ask for a Demo

India Office - 39, Duplex, Sector-82, Noida (NCR), INDIA, 201304

Phone - Phone: +91.9811471117 | +91.120.2463306

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    Call us at 9811471117 or mail to to arrange an online demo

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    Since the programme is already developed, new provices escape the developement cost other than upgrades and support