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About deogracia


Theosys is engaged in Software Development and Remote Server Hosting since 1999. It has presence in US, India and other Asian countries. We develop and implement mass based communication applications and our esteemed list of companies include WHO, General Motors, Honda, Caritas, British Council etc.

We have in-house development team with Windows and Open source expertise and are committed to enhance the product features and technology in the ever changing communication scenario.

Our Vision

Deogracia took its present shape after intense research and interactions with many Religious Congregations in India. At the outset, we would like to put on record our immense gratitude to all the Priests and Sisters of various Congregations across India for their inputs and support.

Our Services

Theosys developes software for catholic church, online parish software and online diocese software. Deogracia is an advanced and latest web based online software for integrated province management and the ability to stay connected with the province from anywhere.

The Mission

The moot point of this effort is to present a platform to all congregations so that they can simplify their day to day administrtive and find more time for ministry. The system is designed to record and manage present and former member information, their achievement and the legacy of the congregation for the future generations

The Technology

With technology changing everyday, we constantly train and certify ourselves on the expanding service and technology issues facing us today. Our mission has always been to develop and maintain close, honorable and professional relationships by creating the maximum level of value through our products and service

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    Since the programme is already developed, new provices escape the developement cost other than upgrades and support